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Animal and bird incubator brooder smart ICU Rcom PetVel UX U9000Discontinued. See newer item 220Volt
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Part Number UX-U900-220
UPC ICU UX U900 220V
Category Rcom Pet Brooders
Brand 220V to 240V 50H
Model Pet ICU Incubator
Availability Available
Electrical Cord Plug proper for your area
Electrical Frequency 220V-240V 50 Hrtz Cord C
Product Specs 
Warranty 1 year on electronics, but no warranty on consumable item. Returned Shipping cost at owner expense. assumes no responsibility for losses or damage from their equipment other than replacement of defective parts. No guarantee on pets.
Condition NEW
ISBN No ICU veterinary Hospital Rcom UX U9000 220V
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Animal, exotic bird and critter incubator and brooder smart ICU veterinary hospital Rcom VetPel Pro Plus UX U900 for optimal intensive care and support whether surgery, post surgery or sick and fragile pets requiring close monitor and care. This item is discontinued. Please, see the newer model on this site-220V

Animals, critters and exotic birds smart ICU veterinary hospital incubator/brooder Rcom VetPel Pro Plus UX U900. The animal incubator/brooder ICU hospital veterinary Rcom PetVel UX U900 is an optimal intensive care and support veterinary hospital for newborn, sick, post surgical care or research new baby animals, chinchillas, guinea pigs, critters, fragile small animals, pets, cats, dogs, mice, rats, squirrels, exotic birds or poultry to aid in their speedy recovery and return to health and function.


The PetVel UX U9000 offers the veterinary, veterinary assistant, caregivers and pet or bird owner the ability for close monitoring and care of the pets. It is an intensive care hospital incubator/brooder designed with the smartest and latest state-of-the-art technology to strengthen and improve animals, critters and exotic birds immunity, cell activation, blood flow to assist them toward speedy recovery. It is easy to clean and operate! designed to assist highly skilled veterinarians in their care of small animals and birds.

The Rcom full line of small animals and exotic birds veterinary hospital ICU, Brooder ICU birds and poultry egg incubators, reptile eggs incubators, reptile ICU incubator/brooders are owned by universities, research institutes, veterinaries, zoos, animal lovers and breeders world wide.

Shipping is free to the contiguous US. Discount shipping to Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and other countries.

Power: 220-240V 50H and Cord C. 
Please, before you purchase a 220V machine if the shipping is outside the USA, Canada and Mexico, please, email us first before paying to inquire if we can ship to your country.

Please watch the introductory video about the animal veterinary hospital icu Pro Plus UX U900:

Animals, exotic birds, dogs, cats, critters, chinchillas, and pets smart icu hospital incubator and brooder Vet Pel Pro Plus UX U900 main features:

  • professional pleasant design to provide optimal care environment.
  • IP Camera function (UX-U900 model) to allow the caregivers or pet owners to observe and monitor the small animals inside the ICU petvel ux-u900 on a monitor or smart phone (iphone/android) from anywhere.
  • Large 7 inches touch screen LCD.
  • Automatic manage and control of Temperature, humidity and Carbon Dioxide concentration.
  • Floor cooling/heating system (UX-U900 model)
  • stainless steel material that is easy to sterilize for effective sanitation management.
  • Artificial intelligent electronic controller which can automatically control and adjust various internal parameters depending on the desired preset ambient environment of the machine.
  • Oxygen concentration indicator - range 40%.
  • Automatic ventilation management and control to raise oxygen saturation.
  • Carbon dioxide concentration indication- Range: 500 ppm to max 4000 ppm.
  • Automatic ventilation management to lower carbon dioxide concentration.
  • Automatic humidification management and control.
  • Humidity system display - Range 30% to 70%
  • Treatment time settings and alarm function - Range 0 to 24hours, 1 minute increment unit.
  • Fan speed control  - Range 40% to 100%
  • Double insulated structure and ability to distinguish floor temperature from internal air temperature which makes the inside temperature control more accurate.
  • Transparent tempered glass window to easily check the air condition of the pet.
  • Ability to set treatment time duration and alert when the set time is reached.
  • LED indoor lamp.
  • IR light Therapy - Infrared light can boost the healing of the pets on the cellular level. Infrared light offers the body many health benefits such as decrease muscle pain and stimulate blood flow to boost physical performance.
  • UVC light disinfection - that provide Ultraviolet light as a non-chemical approach to disinfection. Its benefit is to deactivate the bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and destroy their ability to multiply and prevent the spread of diseases and render the pathogens harmless.
  • Main LCD home screen provides easy management and control of most used functions. Other LCD screen is to control the remaining functions.
  • All the modular electronic assembly can easily be unplugged and sent to us for repair without the need to send the entire machine.
  • Hand access to enable pet treatment without opening the window.
  • Built-in two outlets to power external devices.
  • Stand pole to hang IV medications and hang devices (UX-U900 model)
  • GUI with enhanced stability offering multi language (English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic).
  • Automatic Temperature control of internal air environment 16C to 50C (61F to 122F)
  • Automatic Temperature control of floor surface 15C to 50C (59F to 122F) (UX-U900 model).
  • Air filter
  • Floor cooling system as low as 15C (59F) (UX-U900 model).
  • Floor heating system range: 15C to 50C (59F to 122F) (UX-U900 model).
  • Built in waste tray for easy animal waste removal.
  • LCD screen that allow easy control of the machine features.
  • Can connect oxygen tank or oxygen generator
  • Can connect a nebulizer.
  • Safety door locks system.
  • Safety electrical circuit breaker.
  • Oxygen concentration level
  • Built in alarm function in case of machine failure or abnormal high concentration of carbon dioxide.
  • Can stack the machines on two levels for space efficiency and can stack two Rcom ICU small animal incubators/brooders BL600N or rcom icu exotic birds incubator/brooder BL500 or rcom reptiles and small lizards icu incubator/brooder BL700R on top of it. (If you want to stack the Rcom ICU more than one, then you need the optional ICU Stack rack, but you do not need it for stacking one ICU on the VetPel).
  • Fixed rubber feet.
  • Handles for easy carry and transport.
  •  Detachable rotary wheels for convenient moving.
  • Power: 220V - 240V 50 Hz for countries such as Europe and Asia.
  • Power consumption: Average 95 Watts
  • External environment temperature optimum range: 20C to 25C (68F to 77F)
  • External environment optimal Humidity range: Max 60%
  • Net Weight: 57KG (125.7 pounds).
  • Gross Weight: 63 KG (138.9 pounds).
  • External Size: L 916mm x W 532 mm x H 768 mm (L 36.1 inches x W 20.9 inch x H 30.2 inches).
  • Internal Size: L 692mm x W 470 mm x H494mm (L 27.2 inches x W 18.5 inches x H 19.4 inches).
  • And much more...

Please, click here to view the UX U900 pdF user manual
Please, click here to view the UX U900 Camera setup PdF manual
Please, click here to view the UX U900 features highlights PdF

Warranty is for 1 year as outlined in the manual and covers: In case of naturally occurring failure of function, performance under normal use conditions. No warranty on consumable items such as filters, hoses, fuses, Thermal sensor, Humidity sensor, Oxygen sensor, CO2 sensor, LED Lamp, UV lamp, IR Lamp or Camera. Please, use surge protector.
Additional note on warranty: The following issues are not under warranty and the customer will be assessed the cost of repair and shipping:

    Failure of function, performance by consumer's intention, mistake.

    If a malfunction occurs due to natural disasters (fire, salt, gas, earthquake, flood, etc.).

    If replacing consumable parts that are normally worn in use.

    If a fault occurs due to abnormal power supply or defective connection equipment.

    If a failure occurs due to repair or alteration made by a person other than the repair agent of the head office or agency.

    Other external causes not the fault of the product itself.

    If a fault occurs due to different rated voltage.

    If failure occurs due to use of unspecified consumables or optional parts not specified by our company.

    In case of failure or damage due to dropping when moving etc.

    Failure caused by non-cleaning.

    If the malfunction / consumer error caused by wrong operation of the machine is obvious.

    Failure during use in a manner not described in the manual.

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Warranty: no warranty on parts except in case of manufacturer defect.
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